New " Woke up sexy as hell again " Bracelet *Choose your metal*

 Woke up sexy as hell again, cause ya you did!!

Materials: Stainless Steel + 18k Gold PVD 

Bead size: 4mm

Disc size: 16mm

• All bracelets made to our standard 7.25 size •

We are SO excited to bring this new technology of plating to you! We now have a collection of jewellery that is made of Stainless Steel and also Stainless Steel with 18k Gold PVD plating. 

What this means:  PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition, an environmentally friendly vacuum coating process that actually permeates and bonds with the base metal. This offers a strong, durable coating that lends the jewellery being:     





And you know what else is super cool? We are offering these pieces to you and budget friendly prices 🥳 It's a win win!






Naturally, over time the plating on your jewellery may begin to wear away; however, with this newly-developed plating technology, your plated pieces can last significantly longer!




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