80's Workout Birthday Card $8 each OR Two for $14


"I don't know what you do to stay so hot, but it's starting to get on my nerves! Happy birthday you bitch!"

Style No BD51 birthday greeting card 80's girls working out in pink and blue leg warmers For the website that loves to blend nostalgia with a dash of bold humor, here's a playful and cheeky birthday card that's sure to take you back.

Flashback to the fabulous 80's where neon dreams and workout queens reign supreme! This card is a high-energy tribute to the era of big hair, leg warmers, and unforgettable dance beats, featuring illustrations of 80's girls working out in iconic pink and blue leg warmers. It's perfect for the friend who's all about those retro vibes and has a sense of humor as vibrant as their personality.

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