Silver CZ Bar Ear Climber Earrings


  • Cubic zirconia diamonds
  • Sterling silver setting 

Size: 28x2mm

How to wear:

STEP 1 / Locate the tip of the ear climber's long, curved post.

STEP 2 / Thread the post all the way through your piercing, as you would a normal ear hook.

STEP 3 / Grab the bottom of your earlobe, flip the ear climber up and starting at the bottom where your ear piercing is, gently pull your earlobe down between the stem and front of the climber, working your way up to the tip of the ear climber. 

STEP 4 / Gently squeeze between thumb and forefinger on the end of the climber so that the climber feels secure, but does not pinch.

*Please Note that the metal ea wire bar should not be wiggled or "opened" it will eventually snap off*

See Product Care for details on how to care for your jewelry. 


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