Her Candle - Smells AH-MAAAZING! Sweet Tobacco & Leather Scent


A note about your candle from the makers:

All of our candles are in 12.5 oz heavy-base rocks glass with 9 oz of fluid filled wax.  Each standard candle weights in at 1.4 lbs each. Our  candles are made with pure 100% soy wax. Because our candles are poured into rock glasses ,we encourage buyers to repurpose their container when their candle has burned through.

All About Soy:

Soy wax is extremely temperature sensitive. If your candle has frosting along the glass sides, this is because of the coolness of the room temperature. This does not change the effect of the candle and proves that your candle is truly 100% natural soy.

Soy wax is a derived from soybeans; where the oils are extracted and hydrogenated. Soy melts to a liquid, unlike paraffin wax and is completely eco-friendly, renewable, carbon neutral and emit less soot in the air when lit.  We suggest a burn time of 2 hours at once to prevent tunneling down the middle for a complete melt pool across the diameter of the container. Limit your burning time to around 4 hours max to prevent the entire candle from overheating the glass.

The wax we use can also be used in massage, as it is dermatology tested. 

Trim and center your wicks before each use. This is important because it can cause your flame to flicker, smoke and soot as well as last longer. Our candles are tested to burn for 45-65 hours. 

Our candles are made with fragrance oils, combined together to bring you unique scents. We add the best scent percentage in order to give you a great smelling candle that is not overbearing. They are known to be soft and not too invasive. 


Please keep your candle on a smooth, heat resistant surface. Do not leave your candle unattended or near fabrics such as blankets, pillows or curtains. Burn for 2 hours at a time to prevent overheating the container and causing a crack in the glass.

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