Happy Birthday You Old Lush $8 each OR Two for $14

"Happy Birthday you old lush!" birthday greeting card, funny birthday card, friends, drinking, silly and kinda sexy too.

Style No. BD57 Crafted for the friend who enjoys their birthdays with a side of nostalgia and a healthy pour of humor, this card is a reminder of all the wild, wonderful, and slightly scandalous moments you've shared. It's silly, it's kinda sexy, and it's dripping with the kind of affection that only true friends can share.

Highlights: 70s Counter-Culture Theme: Embrace the bold and rebellious spirit of the 70s.

Cheeky Humor: Perfect for friends who share a love for witty banter and good times.

Unique Illustrations: Inspired by vintage under-the-counter book covers for a touch of naughty nostalgia.

A Touch of Sexy: Because a little risqué charm makes everything more fun.

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