Holiday Must Have: Fireside Candle

They're back again for another Holiday Season at JBA! 

So let's just be honest for a moment....

Every boutique store on the planet carries candles. But, we found this line last holiday season and we were absolutely blown away as we unpacked the shipment. These candles smell aaammmaaazzziiinnngggg!  Oh and they.are larger that mose standard size candles( 9oz),  weighing in at 12.25oz. 

A spicy, sweet, and complex scent. Vanilla intertwines with a spice medley of cinnamon, clove, allspice, and kissed with sugar and a hint of nutmeg.

This dye-free candle is infused with premium fragrance oils for a delicious and luxurious aroma. Soy burns twice as long as paraffin, is healthier to breathe, doesn't create black dust, and the scent throw is much better.

• Glass Tumbler Jar
• Premium Bronze Lid
• Soy Wax
• Cotton Wick (no zinc/black soot)
• Clean burn from top to bottom
• 3 hour first burn recommended to ensure even burn


Collections: Candles, New Arrivals

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